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XL Yoni & Massage Wand

XL Yoni & Massage Wand

Indigo Gabbro is most known for bringing to the surface and providing knowledge and insight into your deepest rooted issues. It is the perfect stone for strengthening your intuition and intuitive abilities through meditation, dreams, and making a connection with your higher self. Indigo Gabbro is the perfect crystal to accompany you throughout your performance of shadow work because it shines light on your shadow aspects and helps you to appreciate the way they intertwine with your highest self. It is also a heart healing and grounding crystal.

Angelite gets its name from its ability to connect its owner to the angel realm. It is a great stone to incorporate into your routine if you seek to unblock your throat and third eye chakras or calm anxiety and anger. It is a clearer of chaos and invites your spirit guides to share more with you through lucid dreams and meditation.

Rose Quartz 😍

Attracts love and fixes relationship problems! Purifies your heart. Provides you with peace and comfort in times of grief. Brings about self acceptance, self love, self forgiveness and self trust. Helps you to release emotions that you are unable to express verbally.

Heals your heart and increases circulation. Can also be used to soothe burns. Give a nice rose quartz to your loved ones with Alzheimer’s.


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