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Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Keys

Hand carved crystal skeleton key🗝

Howlite is great for emotional strengthening and healing. It works most closely with the root and crown chakras providing its owner with a wide open path between realms. It also strengthens your awareness and increases your inclination to not only learn more but to remember more of what you have learned. It reduces stress and feelings of anger while encouraging calm communication and the healthy expression of feelings. Howlite is also known for balancing calcium levels within the body.

Green Aventurine🍀

Creates luck, prosperity and wealth. Eases anxiety and boosts your mood and energy levels. Perfect for heart chakra strengthening and healing.

Tiger’s Eye 🐅

Strengthener of the solar plexus chakra. Brings good luck and protection from negative energies. Tiger’s Eye is great for focusing the mind and reaching deeper meditative states. Give a nice piece of Tiger’s Eye to a loved one with chronic fatigue.


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