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Serenity House Prosperity Oil

Serenity House Prosperity Oil

Spiritual oils are a metaphysical necessity and a staple in the spiritual community.

The uses for spiritual oils are not only endless but convenient and powerful as well.

Dressing Candles-Dressing candles with spiritual oils during divination rituals is a great way to amplify your results. After carving your intent into spell candles, adding spiritual oil seals in your intent and transfers your positive energy into the candle. Always be sure to pull from the bottom up when working with candles and spiritual oils and remain focused on your goal throughout the entire process.

Wearing the Oils – Dabbing spiritual oil (especially love oil) behind the ear, knees and even under your feet is a great way to leave a trail of your intended energy throughout the universe. If you seek to draw something into your life, this technique gives you the ability to cast a wider net by sending your message out into the universe that you are ready to receive what you have intended. This has worked for me time after time so use wisely and carefully.

Anointing- Spiritual oils are the perfect solution to any problematic environment or object. If the energy in your workplace or home could use some adjusting, anoint your doorway, door handles, windows, desk or even your bed while visualizing the environment you desire. If you seek to increase your cash flow, anoint the biggest bill that you can afford, while visualizing the money returning to you tenfold, and leave the bill in your wallet at all times. Even your vehicle can be anointed for protection. Spread the oil on door handles, the steering wheel, tires and any other place that pleases your higher self while reciting your divination.

Each oil is infused with reiki and sound therapy to maximize their spiritual properties. Bottles are black to protect the spiritual properties of the oils. 

*A skin test is recommended prior to using oils on the body.

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