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Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Flower)

Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Flower)

The Jericho flower is also known as the Resurrection flower because it is used in rituals to aid in the resurrection of and bringing of new live into circumstances such as relationships, finances, and health. 


Instructions for use: 

When ready to use set your intentions and place the plant in a bowl only submerging the roots in water. Once your ritual is complete, remove the plant from the bowl and place it on a paper towel allowing it to dry completely before your next use. The water can then be used to make moon water or placed in a spray bottle to clean and rid your spaces of negative energy while drawing in peace, abundance and love. 


Maintenance tips: Changing the water daily and using distilled water helps to stop mold production. If mold appears, rinse the entire plant and allow to dry completely prior to your next use.  


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