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Pocket Heart

Pocket Heart

Rose Quartz 😍

Attracts love and fixes relationship problems! Purifies your heart. Provides you with peace and comfort in times of grief. Brings about self acceptance, self love, self forgiveness and self trust. Helps you to release emotions that you are unable to express verbally.

Heals your heart and increases circulation. Can also be used to soothe burns.

Amethyst 💜

Enhancer of psychic abilities. Heals any holes in your aura while cleansing it and drawing in divine energy for protection. Promotes peace, balances mood swings and calms anxiety. Amethyst can also be used to recharge your other crystals.

Protector of the immune system. Assists with improving physical ailments of the nervous system.

Tiger’s Eye 🐅 Strengthener of the solar plexus chakra. Brings good luck and protection from negative energies. Tiger’s Eye is great for focusing the mind and reaching deeper meditative states. Give a nice piece of Tiger’s Eye to a loved one with chronic fatigue.

Opalite Subtle but highly energetic. It is ideal for meditation because it improves communication on all levels, especially spiritual. Removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians. Assists during transitions of all kinds. It engenders persistence and gives us the strength to verbalize our hidden feelings. It can also help with success in business.

Clear Quartz The Master Healer! Clear Quartz is a universally beneficial crystal because it absorbs energy (positive or negative) and amplifies it to its maximum potential before releasing it back into the Universe. It's physical attributes are associated with strengthening the immune system. This is a great stone if you struggle with concentration or suffer from memory loss.

Fluorite 👩🏾‍💻Helps to overcome chaos and promotes calmness. Draws negative energies and stress away from you. Cleans and stabilizes your aura. Protects against electromagnetic stress. Helps you to learn by increasing your ability to concentrate (great for college students like me). Powerful healer of teeth, cells and bones. Great pain reliever that also repairs DNA. Give a nice piece of fluorite to a loved one with Shingles or any nerve related pain.


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