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Añil tablets

Añil tablets

*price is for one tablet*

Although it goes by many names, Anil is a staple in the spiritual community. It is a purification tool mainly used for cleansing, protection, and healing.

Mix with water to create “blue water,” which is perfect for scrying or “Anil wash,” which can be used as a floor wash to cleanse your home or workplace of negative energy and keep uninvited spirits at bay. Anil tablets can be added to your bath or hand wash to purify and cleanse yourself of negative energy as well as give you a boost of luck. Blue water can be placed upon your altar to invite helpful and friendly spirit guides while keep negative energies with ill intent away.

Blue water can also be placed under your bed to assist with clearing your subconscious and absorbing any negative energies that may be disturbing your sleep and causing you nightmares.


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